One-Stop Shop.

From beginning to end, we can handle all of your meat processing needs.   We accept livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep and goats), as well as deer, at our processing plant located conveniently across the street.  We then bring your fresh meat to the market where our meat experts will custom cut and package your meat to your specifications.

It’s your meat.

Carnivores want meat.  And the more, the better. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best product possible. We’ll process your meat making sure to use as much, if not all, of your meat so you can stock your freezer.  You brought it in, you deserve to take it all back home.

Proceed to processing!

Call our meat experts at  (830) 484-2838 or stop by during business hours to place your order.

To process your own animal, call our Processing Plant to make arrangements at (830) 484-2888.


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