Carnivores wanted.
This is the call that Wiatrek’s Meat Market has been sending out from Poth, Texas for over 54 years to San Antonio and the world.

 We are the gathering place for true carnivores.
You who hear the word “shoulder” without thinking say the word “roast.”  You who hear “exquisite marble” in a museum and think of Ribeyes.  You who see vegetables as mere decoration for that which truly matters – meat.

Wiatrek’s Meat Market is made for you.
Where else can you get steaks and chops cut as thick as you want, fresh and ready to grill?  If you find yourself speechless after beholding the incredible selection, our friendly experts will guide you through your tears of joy and to the perfect mix of beef, chicken, pork and other specialties to satisfy your needs.

So come and find us.
Make the pilgrimage of the faithful, of the deserving, of the carnivore.

Wiatrek’s Meat Market – Carnivores Wanted.

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