Carnivores wanted.


We stock a case full of freshly cut, great-tasting options. No drooling.


Bacon, loin, chops. What Carnivore could pass on pork?


We have it all. Don't be chicken. Come see for yourself.


  • Pollo Loco

    Fryers, Leg Quarters, Breast... oh my!

    Got chicken? We do! Visit or call us about our chicken selection! We have whole fryers, leg quarters, all natural breast, drumsticks, and our specialty--- chicken diablos. Be a carnivore and visit us at Wiatrek's- YOUR meat market in Poth.

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Just south of San Antonio on Highway 181, Wiatrek's Meat Market - Your Meat Market in Poth, has been serving the freshest, high-quality meat for the last 51 years. We're your hometown butcher, getting you what you want and how you want it. Stop by today and see what we have to offer. It's time you got to know us.

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