Carnivores wanted.


We stock a case full of freshly cut, great-tasting options. No drooling.


Bacon, loin, chops. What Carnivore could pass on pork?


We have it all. Don't be chicken. Come see for yourself.


  • Grass Fed Beef

    Eat Healthy. Eat Local.

    Grass fed beef has gained popularity in the beef industry and therefor we would like to fill your freezer with some. Although our counter meats are not graded as "grass fed", we have a relationship with a local rancher outside of Poth, Texas who provides us with beef that has no added steriods or growth hormones. You can come in the store or call us and ask to speak with Tom or Carter to place an order for a half calf or a whole calf. We can also let it hang and dry age for 21 days with no additional cost. We can guarantee that the beef is locally raised on South Texas pasture!

  • Mesquite Smoked Goodness

    Dry Sausage

    Our dry sausage is perfect for road trips, hunting adventures, and everyday snackin'. It is a beef/pork blend that is smoked for almost 18 hours in our natural Mesquite smokehouse. You will taste the difference in our product by the savory, smokey taste of heaven. Come try won't disappoint.

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