We use our very own recipe combining freshly ground meat with a special blend of spices to create our signature line of sausages.

  • Beef

    Made from 100% pure Texas beef mixed with our special blend of spices.

  • Breakfast Blend

    Uses our Pan sausage as a base and we add a spicier blend of seasonings to get your morning going.

  • Chorizo

    Fresh Mexican sausage, made from freshly ground pork. Delicioso!

  • Custom Snack Tray

    Be the hit of any party with one of our custom snack trays! Your choice of dried sausages and cheeses made to order.

  • Dry Sausage

    Made from fresh, lean pork and beef then placed in our smokehouse for slow drying and cooking, using mesquite wood to capture that delicious smoky taste we all love.

  • Jalapeno-Cheddar Sausage

    Our best beef sausage with a mix of fresh jalapeno peppers and cheese. Perfect for snacking.

  • Jerky

    Sliced Texas raised beef and seasoned just right, and smoked in our own smoke house. Choose from regular, smoked or spicy beef flavors.

  • Lelilka

    A traditional Polish recipe. Secret Wiatrek's ingredient - grits! You have to try it at least once.

  • Pan Sausage

    Our tasty Polish Sausage, without the casing.

  • Polish Sausage

    Using our own recipe, we combine ground pork and beef with a special blend of spices. Available fresh or smoked.

  • Pork Only

    Just like the name says, made with only freshly ground pork. No beef.

  • Spicy Dry Sausage

    A little red pepper added to our Dry sausage to give it an extra zing.


Nothing goes better with meat than cheese. We offer a small variety of block cheese for use as a snack, on your sandwiches or even in your salads.

  • American

    Block American cheese. Slicked to order.

  • Colby

    A mild flavored cheese.

  • Custom Snack Tray

    Say cheese! Everyone will smile when you bring a made-to-order cheese tray. Add dried sausage or cold cuts for variety.

  • Jalapeno

    Cheese with a kick! White cheese with bits of jalapeno make this cheese perfect for quesadillas.

  • Round

    A variety of round cheeses, sliced to order.

Insides and More

A Carnivore appreciates every bit of meat. We offer a variety of organ meat as well as specialty parts, sure to please your flavor palette.

  • Beef Heads

    Sold whole. Slow cooked and to make "Barbacoa."

  • Heart

    Heart, a muscle meat, and is similar in consistency to steak, roasts and ground beef.

  • Kidney

    Beef kidneys, have a milder flavor and are the easiest organ to cook.

  • Liver

    The most common organ meat, the Liver is a good source of protein and great addition to any diet.

  • Sweetbread

    This glandular meat is soft and sweet (vs. savory) in taste. Sweetbreads are great for grilling.

  • Tail

    Commonly known as "oxtail." Cut to your specifications.

  • Tongue

    Beef and veal tongues are most common. Typically stewed or broiled.

  • Tripas

    Intestine. Cut to your specifications.

  • Tripe for Menudo

    Tripe generally defined as the stomach lining. Stewed in recipes of Menudo. Cut to your specifications.

Cold Cuts

What meat market would be complete without a selection of deli meats? From our popular Jalapeno-Cheddar Salami to traditional favorites like Cooked Ham, we have the sliced meat you want.

  • Bologna

    Mild sausage meat, made with beef/pork. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Bone-In Ham

    Ham with bone left in the meat. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Cervalot

    Sausage meat, mixed from beef and pork. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Chopped Ham

    A mix of ham chunks , trimmings and seasonings, ground together. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Cooked Ham

    Fully cooked. Can be directly eaten once sliced/served.

  • Cotto Salami

    Cooked, cured salami. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Custom Snack Tray

    Enjoy a tray of your favorite cold cuts, made to order. Add your choice of cheeses for variety.

  • Goose Liver

    Goose liver that's been lightly cooked and aged. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Hard Salami

    Cured sausage, fermented and air-dried meat. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Head Cheese

    Meat made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Hormel Cervalot

    Hormel brand Cervalot. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Jalapeno-Cheese Salami

    Sausage meat w/ jalapeno-cheese mixed in for a spicy combination. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Picnic Ham

    Fresh or smoked, Picnic Ham is a good substitute for ham. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Pollock's Salami

    Sausage meat, spiced with our special Polish seasoning. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Press Ham

    Pressed ham, cut from the pork leg, is cured and tasty. Sliced to your specifications.

  • Salami

    Sausage meat, spiced with a mix of seasoning and garlic. Sliced to your specifications.


Come to us with your requests. As your hometown butchers we're here to get you what you want - a thicker cut on your meat or even a new meat creation for a special event.

  • Beef Pinwheels

    Pre-seasoned beef skirt (fajita), rolled up with onion and bell pepper into a spiral. Perfect for grilling.

  • Chicken Diablos

    Tender chicken breast, wrapped around a fresh jalapeno, surrounded by strips of fresh-cut bacon.

  • Custom Cuts

    We can customize your meat order using any thickness of cut you want. Just let us know what you want.

  • Custom Meat Gift Boxes

    Celebrate the Carnivore in your family with a box of selected meats and cheeses. Place your order today.

  • Custom Snack Trays

    Enjoy a tray of our dried sausage and cheeses, made to order.

Ready to Grill or Cook

We have the meat you love, cut and seasoned, ready for you to spark up the grill or pop into the kitchen.

  • Beef Pinwheel

    Pre-seasoned beef skirt (fajita), rolled up with onion and bell pepper into a spiral. Perfect for grilling.

  • Chicken Diablo

    Tender chicken breast, wrapped around a fresh jalapeno, surrounded by strips of fresh-cut bacon.

  • Quail Diablos

    Quail breast, wrapped around a fresh jalapeno, surrounded by strips of fresh-cut bacon.

  • Snack Trays

    Enjoy a tray of our dried sausage and cheeses, made to order.

Frozen Foods

Looking for something different? Take a look in our freezer case for a variety of frozen meats and convenience sides.

  • Breaded Shrimp

    Frozen Breaded Shrimp is the perfect match for any of Wiatrek's Steaks. Someone say, Surf 'n Turf?

  • Catfish Fillets

    You can have catfish all year long. Grab some of our frozen fillets and stock your freezer with this tasty seafood.

  • Catfish Nuggets

    Bite-size bits of Catfish fillets. Perfect with some french fries. Kid-sized meal.

  • Flounder

    Flounder fillets are the perfect quick meal. Grab some for when you need to eat & run. Minutes to prepare.

  • French Fries

    Bags of pre-cut and frozen french pies are the perfect companion for a Wiatrek's Ground Sirloin Burger.

  • Frozen Chicken

    Our freshest cuts of chicken, vacuum packed and frozen. Time to stock up.

  • Pollock Fillets

    Fillets of Pollock, vacuum packed and frozen. Individual or family packages.

  • Tilapia

    Tilapia fillets frozen in individual or family packs. Ready to pull out of the freezer and put into the oven or on the grill.