Custom Processing


Your meat, your way.

A great way to fill your freezer and get the most value for money is to custom process your own animal.  We own the Processing Plant,  so we can take care of your processing needs from beginning to end.  We accept animals of varying sizes – cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

Shop in our freezer. 

We also fill bulk orders of meat.  Call us today to order your 1/4 side of beef,  1/2 side of beef or 1/2 side of pig or come in and make your own selection.  Your order is custom cut to your specifications, and we offer vacuum sealed or freezer wrapped packaging.

Re-ordering is simple.

As an additional service, we will maintain your custom cut requests (types of cuts and thickness) on file for our future reference, as well as maintain the information on the size packaging you requested. This helps us get you exactly what you want time and time again.

Get started.

To process your own animal, call our Processing Plant to make arrangements at (830) 484-2888.

To place a bulk order, call our meat experts at  (830) 484-2838.

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