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Do you know what you’re buying?

At Wiatreks we not only want our customers to get the best quality meats, but we also want to educate you on what your buying. Follow our pork diagram below to make the right selection for your next meal.

1- LEG

The pork leg also referred to as the “ham”. While it can be sold and cooked in many different ways, it’s arguably most well known for being cured. This is what prosciutto and jamon serrano are made out of!


Cure, Roast, Smoke


From the pig’s back, this cut of meat is super tender and extra lean. It’s split into three main sections: the blade end, sirloin end, and the prized center portion. This is where you’ll find cuts for loin chops, rib chops, tenderloin, and baby back ribs. This area has a pretty mild flavor, so don’t be shy with seasonings, rubs, or marinades.


Grill, Pan Fry, Roast


Sometimes called the ‘butt,’ which refers to the ceramic container used early in U.S. history to store the pork shoulder in-ground to keep it cold. Layered with lots of fat, it’s great for slow roasting for fall apart tenderness.


Grill, Roast, Slow-Cook, Smoke


What part of the pig does bacon come from? Usually, the belly! This is due to its high-fat content. This cut is also great for slow roasting and braising, to really bring out its tender texture. This is also where you find spare ribs.




Located right below the shoulder. A tough cut, so cook it low and slow to really render that fat into the mouth-watering texture.


Braise, Slow-Cook, Smoke