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Our Story

Since 1965

Wiatrek’s Meat Market first opened in a small, rural, South Texas town called Poth. Since 1965, Wiatrek’s Meat Market and processing has been a destination point for fresh and local beef, pork, and chicken. Our cattle are purchased from local farmers and ranchers in surrounding counties. These cattle are grass-fed, but grain-finished for the last 30 days to enhance the marbleization and flavor of our meats. They are NEVER vaccinated with growth hormones… that’s what we call all-natural!

In 2008, the Tom Ray family purchased the company. Tom Ray and his family live in Floresville, a neighboring town to Poth. They owned and operated a four-generation dairy farm from 1899 to 2006. In 2014, Tom’s son, Carter, came back from Texas A&M with aspirations to grow the company. In 2018, Wiatrek’s opened their first satellite retail store on the Northside of San Antonio.

Wiatrek’s Meat Market is dedicated to quality- freshness is key! We are loyal to our communities, old and new. We strive to stay current with new products and technology while still clinging on to our heritage and history. We hope you try our famous dried sausage or jerky. They won’t disappoint.

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Carnivores Wanted.

Carnivores Wanted.

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