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  • Authentic Texas -Style Jerky


    Enjoy this carnivore-favorite savory snack any time of the day and all year long! With the option to order it spicy for an additional burst of flavor.

    Our pack comes with half a pound of jerky. (Quantity 1 equals half pound, quantity 2 equals one pound, etc.)

  • Carne-copia


    Steak anyone? Our Carne-copia comes packed with flavor and tenderness from an assortment of cuts. From NY strip to T-bones, make sure to order this meat pack for your next grill party.

    You will get 4 of each steaks: NY Strips, Ribeyes, Filets, Boneless Sirloin, and T-Bones. Approximately 16 pounds.

  • Dry Sausage Special


    This pack is made from our very own recipe combining freshly ground meat with a special blend of spices to create our signature line of dry sausages. Smoked for 24 hours over real mesquite wood, this pack is sure to satisfy any carnivore.

    Pack comes with 5 sausage links, approximately 2.5 pounds.

  • Farmyard


    Does your meat bring all the guests to the grill? With our Farmyard family pack we guarantee that it will. Packed with an assortment of meats from steaks to chicken, this selection has something for everyone.

    Farmyard gets you approximately 4 bone-in ribeyes and 2 bone-in sirloin steaks, cut perfect for pan frying at 1/2″ thick. You will also get 5 pounds of lean hamburger meat, 3 fresh sausage links and a fryer chicken to enjoy.

  • Grill Master Sausage Pack


    Order our sausage fresh or smoked and you’ll be sure to please any guests with your grilling skills. Made from our very own recipe combining fresh pork and beef with a special blend of spices that creates our signature line.

    You will get 10 links in this pack.

  • Hog Heaven


    Enjoy our flavorful pork chops and savory tenderloins. Both easy to prepare with options to cook just about any way. All of our pork is processed in-house, ensuring freshness and quality.

    Hog Heaven comes with 10 bone-in pork chops, cut 3/4″ thick, and 2 pork tenderloins. About 7 pounds of meat.

  • Pounds of Ground


    Meatballs? Burgers? Chili? One or all of these are options to satisfy your carnivore cravings. Be ready for the next BBQ with family and friends.

    Order this pack and get 10 1 lb packs of  ground round and chuck meat.

  • Ribeye Grill Master


    This selection comes packed with marbly juicy flavor from our ribeye steaks. Perfect choice for the grill master.

    You get 10- 1″ thick, Aged Ribeyes.

  • Salami Special


    Holy moly, there’s no bologna! Only a perfect snack mix of jalapeño cheese salami, or plain salami to delight your carnivorous tastebuds.

    This sampler comes with two sticks of salami, approximately 3 pounds each.

  • Texas Two-Step


    Shoot the lights out and double the two-stepping fun with our fresh cuts of ribeyes, flavorful T-bones, and tender NY strips.

    This Two-Step pack gets you two of each steak, cut perfect for the fire at 1″ thick.


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