beef_diagram Round Flank Plate Brisket Shank Chuck Ribs Loin Rump

There are many cuts of beef and a variety of ways to prepare them. Let us guide you on what cut is right for you.


  • Brisket

    In this part of Texas, there is one main way to prepare brisket - barbecued. Slow cooked over indirect heat, it's a South Texas mainstay for an easy entree to serve a large crowd.

  • Jerky

    We slice the inside round into thin strips and smoke this to make our beef jerky, found in our Specialties.


  • 7 Steak

    Also known as Center Chuck Steak. This is a steak cut from the 7-bone Pot Roast. Best when marinated overnight, to ensure savory tenderness.

  • Chili Meat

    Ground chuck beef.

  • Chuck Roast

    Chuck roast is a thick cut of meat from the shoulder, with a rich flavor profile. It can be slow cooked for a tender meal.

  • Ground Beef

    The most common use of the chuck. We have three grades of ground beef available: Extra lean (Ground sirloin), Special (90/10), and Regular (80/20).

  • Pot Roast

    Shoulder pot roast and chuck 7-bone pot roast come from the chuck and are most flavorful and tender when pot roasted.

  • Steaks

    Steaks that can be cut from the chuck include chuck eye steak, shoulder steak, shoulder center (Ranch steak), and shoulder petite tender medallions.

  • Stew Meat

    Stew meat is a wonderfully versatile cut of meat. It can be used to make beef/vegetable stew or chili.


  • Flank

    Flank is used primarily for grinding, except for the long, flat steak, best known for it's use in London broil.


  • Filet Mignon

    The tenderloin is the source of filet mignon. Try our tender, bacon-wrapped filets for a real tasty treat.  We can cut the filets to your specifications.

  • Ground Sirloin

    Our Extra Lean Ground beef is ground sirloin. It will make a top-notch hamburger.

  • K-Bob Meat

    Lean pieces of round cut into cubes, used for kabobs.

  • Loin Steaks

    From the loin come the best steaks - sirloin, tenderloin, porterhouse, and top loin steak, all very tender cuts of beef.

  • T-Bone Steak

    The most popular cut from the Loin is the T-Bone Steak. Tender and juicy it's definitely THE steak for grilling.

  • Tenderloin

    The tenderloin is the most tender part of this section.

  • Tenderloin Roast

    The tenderloin roast is cut from the tenderloin section of the beef making it a tender cut. Soft and savory when roasted.


  • Beef Pinwheels

    Pre-seasoned beef skirt (fajita), rolled up with onion and bell pepper into a spiral. Perfect for grilling.

  • Flank Steak

    Flank steak is another cut from this section of beef. It can meet government guidelines for 'lean', based on cooked servings with visible fat trimmed.

  • Skirt Steak (Fajitas)

    Seldom referred to as the plate in general usage, this section of beef provides a sizziling favorite in skirt steak for fajitas.


  • Cross-cut Ribs

    Ribs cut across several bones, so the bones are more in number, but smaller, which is where they get their nickname, "short ribs." Slow cook for maximum moistness.

  • Rib Roast

    Rib roast and ribeye roast are an easy meal roasted in the oven, making for a tender, flavorful entree.

  • Ribeye Roast

    Rib roast and ribeye roast are an easy meal roasted in the oven, making for a tender, flavorful entree.

  • Ribeye Steak

    The grilling favorite ribeye steak is a product of this section of beef. Also available is the rib steak, both are good for grilling or broiling.

  • Ribs

    Beef ribs are not the only cut to come from this section of beef, although they are the most famous cut. No Texas BBQ would be complete without ribs.


  • Asada

    Round steak, cut into 3/4" strips. Braise/Skillet grill for best, tasty results.

  • Round Roast

    Pike's Peak Roast is also called heel of round, the Pikes Peak roast is cut from low in the round, just above the hock. It contains many small muscles and lots of connective tissue. This is the least tender of the round roasts, but cooks up into a pot roast with excellent flavor.

  • Round Steaks

    Top Round Steak, eye round steak, and sirloin tip side steak all come from the round of the cow and all grill or broil well, especially after marinating.


  • Rump Roast

    There are a variety of roasts that come from the rump - round tip roast, top round roast, rump roast, beef eye of round roast, and Pike's Peak roast.


  • Shank Bone

    Shank, even though it is one of the tougher cuts has it's purpose in the preparation of savory soups and stews.


pork_diagram Hock Leg Side Spare Rib Loin Blade Shoulder Arm Shoulder Head

When you order any pork product from us, know that you are receiving pork processed in house, ensuring freshness and quality.

Arm Shoulder

  • Picnic Arm

    A juicy cut that makes for perfect pulled pork.

  • Picnic Ham

    Lower part of the pig's shoulder gives us the perfect cut for cured ham. Bone-in or out.

Blade Shoulder

  • Ground Pork

    Pork meat that is ground up and unseasoned. Average lean (70/30) available.

  • Pork Roast

    Meat from the pork blade. This large cut of meat is fatty and makes for a juicy roast.

  • Shoulder Steaks

    Cut from the shoulder so they contain a bone. They have plenty of marbling - making them tender when cooked.


  • Hog Head

    Good for soup, stocks and even roasting. Sold whole or cut to your specifications.


  • Ham Hock

    Right above the foot, the ham hock is a versatile piece of meat. Like the head, it can be used for soups and stock. And perfect for adding flavor to vegetable dishes.


  • Ham

    Ham is from the leg meat and has been cured. Dinner Ham (sliced & whole), Pit Ham and Bone-Ham are available.

  • Ham Steaks

    A cut piece of the leg, ham steaks have the flavor of a cooked ham in individual serving slices. Cut to the thickness you request, bone-in and boneless available.

  • Pork Steaks

    Steaks cut from the center of the leg. Great for marinating and grilling.


  • Loin Roast

    Large cut of pork, like the tenderloin, moist and flavorful. Available bone-in or boneless.

  • Pork Chops

    The most popular cut from the loin. There are a variety to choose from - rib, sirloin, top-sirloin or blade chops. All are delicious and easily prepared.

  • Pork Cutlets

    These thin cuts come from the end of the tenderloin. Because of their size, they cook up easily and make for a quick meal.

  • Pork Tenderloin

    One of the most tender cuts of pork. Whole or cut, this savory meat can be cooked just about any way.


  • Bacon

    Cured pork meat & fat. Varieties available - Sliced, Ham, Pepper and Jowl. Sliced to the thickness you want.

  • Pork Fat

    Perfect for making pork rinds/ "chicharones." Sold with the skin and without. Cut to your specifications.

Spare Rib

  • Pork Rib

    Cut from right above the belly of the pig, these ribs are fatty, but flavorful. Perfect for grilling.


poultry_diagram Neck Breast Whole Chicken Tenderloin Drumette Wing Thigh Drumstick

Chicken is a family favorite and almost every family's go-to dinner selection. While the pieces are the same, there are plenty of options for how you can custom cut your chicken for ease of cooking.


  • Breast

    Chicken quarter breast, without the wing. All-white meat. With skin or skinless. Good for baking, grilling and roasting.


  • Drumette

    All-white meat, first section of the wing. Just the right size for appetizers.


  • Drumstick

    Dark meat, lower portion of the leg quarter. A kid favorite.


  • Neck

    Part of the chicken "giblets." Great for making stock.


  • Breast Tenderloin

    White meat, sliced chicken breasts. Perfect for fried chicken tenders!


  • Thigh

    Dark meat, upper portion of the leg quarter. Skinned, boneless thighs make for the perfect Chicken Fajitas.

Whole Chicken

  • Whole Chicken

    Also known as a Fryer. Good for baking or roasting. Can be cut in half, quartered or into 8-pieces upon request.

Whole Fryer


  • Wing

    All white portion of meat. Great for grilling. Can be broken down into 3 sections - drumette, mid-section & tip, upon request.